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newcomers | november newsletter

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Hello everyone!

The last time we wrote, Steph had just started her MFA in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Since then, so much has happened! This has been a quiet year on the output front but we have been working away behind the scenes and are excited to share so many new adventures over the coming months with you.

We have three big pieces of news!

Firstly, Charlotte has also gone to drama school! We are so proud of her for starting her BA at RADA in London. Charlotte is going to be busy with all of her work and as Steph has just learned the hard way, drama school and running a theatre company provide quite the challenge.

In light of that, Very Rascals has invited our very first associate artist on board: Meghan de Chastelain. Keep reading to find out more about the wonderful Meg!

Our third piece of news, we are just going to hint at. But if you keep an eye on our socials, you will see an announcement soon! We aren't as good as Taylor Swift at leaving Easter Eggs for our readers to follow but we are trying a little mystery anyway.

Much love,

Steph and Charlotte (and now: Meg!)


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