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We are currently developing some new work and creating more ways for you to get involved.

Check out the projects below for ways to watch and participate!


A Cocktailer's Guide to Surviving the Pandemic

by Meghan de Chastelain

Project in Development

When you’ve got a hold of the bottle, it can sometimes feel manageable. But, if it gets poured down your throat and you don’t get to say stop, then very quickly you start to drown.

Relative Motion - Tree

Relative Motion

by Stephanie Greenwood

Project in Development

In a rom-com turned cautionary tale, Sam and Paul have a meet-cute on the London underground. What appears to be a charming romance becomes a tense emotional-escape-room as miscommunications and manipulation begin to dominate the relationship. Stuck in moments on platforms waiting for the next train to come, Sam grapples with what is in her control and what is inevitably set in motion by her romantic collision with Paul.

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