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change in the air | september newsletter

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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Hello everyone!

August has brought about a lot of change for us at Very Rascals:

Steph will be starting her MA in Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow this month. Equal parts terrifying and exciting! Because this means going back to school, there will be some changes at Very Rascals. Charlotte is going to take over producing in London. We have a very special event planned for November (read on below!) and Charlotte will be taking charge of that. Our project for Relative Motion has been put on hold. However, you haven't gotten rid of me completely! I will still be putting together the newsletter monthly and supporting/championing production from afar. I will also be writing blogs about life in Glasgow and studying at drama school. Our blogs will be back this month after a summer break!

We are both so committed to what we started with Very Rascals. We've managed to survive the pandemic, and we are working hard to bring you more productions that centre women and women's stories. We hope you bear with us as we go through these changes and we look forward to seeing you in person over the coming months (stay tuned!).

Much love,

Steph and Charlotte


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