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Welcome to Very Rascals

Stephanie Greenwood and Charlotte Keith - Producer - Actor - Founders of Very Rascals


Hello there! 

Steph and Charlotte here.

We are the co-founders of Very Rascals and when you can't find us wearing fancy hats or dribbling ice cream down our faces we produce, write, act in and direct pieces of new writing. 

Come on through and learn more about our team and what we do. 

We're currently working on...


Trompe L’oeil


27th - 28th January 2023 

“Like any celebrity, as soon as she appears, everyone wants to see her!” – Vincent Delieuvin 


When the Girl with the Pearl Earring finally appears in the Salle des États for her grand unveiling, Moan Lisa and La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple take different approaches welcoming her. Together, these three women work to determine how to find – or maintain – ownership over the way they are perceived.

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Watch Now For Free! 

Scratch That! 

An evening of short plays around the theme of communication.

Over the last year, communication has been more important than ever. Dive into our world of stories and experience the highs, the lows, and - ultimately - the importance of communicating with each other.

Filmed Live April 23rd 2021

Blog Picks

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Meet our December Spotlight: Bryoney Cook.

Charlotte Keith Writing.JPG

How to make your life a little easier as a new producer. 

Stephanie Greenwood - IBOT.jpg

A friendly reminder to Take Yourself Seriously. 

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Want to read a short story? Well you're in luck!


Meet our November Spotlight: Felicity Marsh.

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Writing with Pen

Monthly Spotlight

Have a piece of short fiction, a poem or a monologue that you want to share? 

Every month we spotlight a piece of new writing on our blog and we are now looking for submissions for 2022.

We are looking to hear from female identifying and non binary writers from all around the world.

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