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once, in a blanket fort...

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The end of last year saw me hunkered down in a blanket fort, screaming and crying, talking to myself and questioning what my neighbours must think of me as they heard all of this over and over again for a few days straight. No, I hadn’t succumbed to the evil demons of lockdown, I was partaking in a radio play. My neighbours had Distracted Rat to thank for all of my shouting. Distracted Rat had managed, during lockdown 1, to do the impossible…stay creative. They had also managed to find a medium that worked for them that could be set up anywhere: good old fashioned radio.

For years, I had wanted to try voiceover work. It had been playing in the back of my mind ever since I did a verbatim play where I had to play 5 different people in close succession, all with very different voices. I had a lot of fun trying out all those voices and knew that this new-found freedom and trust in my voice could open up a new path. Voiceover! Problem was, as you might know if you have read our previous blogs, I don’t get on well with technology. The idea of editing and knowing my way around all the equipment filled me with dread.

Cut back to the blanket fort.

Mid recording session. It suddenly hit me. Why the hell did it take me 2 years to get here? Why - when that first creative seed was sown - did I panic myself into stillness? The technology was not mind bogglingly hard, as I had feared, and I had set everything up without the thousands of expenses that I was sweating over. I was also sat in a blanket fort, enjoying being silly and creating characters, which far outweighed any minor frustrations I had with the technology set-up. Turns out, I had panicked about something for no reason before I had even tried it.

This is something that I am very good at, setting up obstacles and not daring to overcome them until I feel every star has aligned. Unfortunately, stars have a habit of doing their own thing. The amount of times I have panicked about a thing for no good reason and left tasks till the last minute because of my fears is, well, a lot. However, the amount of times that I have ended up enjoying myself, learning something, or actually being alright at that thing have equalled it. So, this blog is now set as a reminder to myself and anyone else out there who needs it. Give yourself a chance. Give that thing a go, allow yourself to fail and learn, you’ll be better for it.

Last Note:

For anyone out there wanting to set up a home studio. I started here…

I set up my home studio for no more than £150. A Rode Microphone from eBay and an Audio Interface to match was all I forked out for. Everything else was cobbled together from bits at home. So don’t be alarmed at the figures they mention here, especially if this is a new adventure for you. D.I.Y it up and get creative.

Here are the links to the radio plays as well! I loved doing them and I hope you enjoy listening.

To My Future Self

Four Walls/One Night


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