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October Book Recommendations

It turns out that coming up with blog topics for a blog every week can be somewhat challenging so I thought I would start a new series! I am going to review two books each month, one theatre/actor-y and one not-so-much. With that being said, here we go!

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit by Bella Merlin

This book was on our reading list when I started the MFA at RCS. We had to read it by the start of term. I had read some of Stanislavsky's work and had used some of the exercises from my time in undergrad but by the time I started this MFA, I definitely needed a refresher.

I found this toolkit so useful. Merlin writes in about concepts in a very engaging and accessible manner. She details Stanislavsky’s method and some key exercises. The book is also divided into three sections: Actor-training, Rehearsal process, and Performance practices. Starting the MFA was daunting because I was going back to Academia and also just intensive acting classes. If it’s been a while since you’ve read anything or attended a workshop on Stanislavsky, I would definitely recommend this read.


A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting by Sophie Irwin

“The season is about to begin – and there’ not a minute to lose.”

This is Sophie Irwin’s first novel and it was the perfect summer read! I realise we are now well and truly into October but I think this book would keep you company equally well on a cold windy day when you are wrapped in a blanket. I read it in three sittings I think. I could not put it down. The story follows Kitty Talbot as she journeys to London to try and get herself a husband in order to save her family from total ruin after the death of her parents. The writing was engaging and I had that lovely feeling where I am reading and I can feel the story pop up around me. If you are missing Bridgerton as we wait for Season 3, then I really recommend this read. It’s fun and light with some great characters.


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