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  • Steph

moving: it's tough

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I have moved a lot in my life. I grew up moving really. I thought I was a pro at it, but every time I have moved I am shocked at how difficult it is, the toll it takes. I forget about all of the above when I settle so it seems like a surprise all over again when I move.

Although I have moved to Glasgow for wonderful reasons, it has still been a challenge. I didn’t realise how settled I was in London (and COVID definitely unseated some of that stability) until I suddenly wasn’t there anymore. But now, here I was, pulling all my old stuff out of boxes and hanging them on new walls. The frames and plants I was so used to seeing in one room now had a home in a different one.

I was trying to think of “five top things” to do to make moving easier and in doing so I came up with the following: it just isn’t. It’s not easy. Moving can be exciting and wonderful: a new adventure. However, the bad shadows just need time to fade away. I miss my friends in London. I miss being surrounded by people who have known me for more than two months. I miss my favourite coffee shop (Artisan Stamford Brook) and I miss my favourite Indian place (do yourself a favour and go to Potli near Ravenscourt Park). I miss walks by the Thames and getting drinks at the Old Ship.

However, it’s not all bad because I get new things now. I live opposite somewhere called The Brunch Club. THE BRUNCH CLUB! This brings me a lot of joy. I enjoyed the autumn leaves in the park near my new flat. I got to put my plants up on my new mantelpiece. I have made some wonderful new friends.

I suppose my one tip would be: remember. Remember that it’s hard and give yourself time and space…and chocolate.


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