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July Spotlight: Sean Paul Connolly

Monthly spotlights are back! Whooooop! So let us start with an absolute cracker.

Sean's poetry work first came to my attention from a publication in Bloom Magazine, and I have been following their work ever since. We are very excited to feature their work this month so make sure to scroll down and see what it is all about!

About Sean

Sean Paul Connolly is a writer of poetry, prose and drama, soon to graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London. They identify as gender non-conforming and their work is often pre-occupied with gender identity, body image and mental health. Their biggest writing inspirations are currently Angela Carter, Sylvia Plath and Ocean Vuong.



About the piece

I’m currently writing my dissertation about identity in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In Through The Looking Glass, the Red queen’s parting advice to Alice is ‘remember who you are.’ I’ve always found this expression rather meaningless, considering the ephemeral nature of identity. The way that we define ‘who we are’ is often due to external factors, so what happens when these parameters are taken away? (as they are in the Alice books.) The call to recall ‘who we are’ is also comfortless, when early memories of our identity are due to social conditioning. But the more that I think about the phrase ‘remember who you are’ on my journey of self-discovery, the more I realise that you actually have the power to create the parameters of ‘who you are’. ‘Remember who you are’ takes on a more empowering meaning each time I hear it.


Remember Who You Are

By Sean Paul Connolly

Remember who you are

Is comfortless as frostbitten fingers,

When who you are is as inconstant as the ocean,

As far off as the stars. Floating helplessly with the changing tides,

Clinging to the surfaces

Of beauty,



And abuse.

That are torn away til they are no longer ours.

Remember who you are. The tick of the clock.

The rhythm

That I murder.

A reminder

Of immortality,

A constant of the present

Drawing us from dreams

Like midwives from

The wombs of our Mothers.

Remember who you are.


Time is a man-made invention,

As frivolous as candyfloss

Manifesting in mental cavities,

Rotten little apple.

Remember who you are’ Itself is inconstant.

Who are you?

Who the fuck am I?

A projection of you? A speck of dust in the night

That you blew?

Remember who you are.

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