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christmas actually | december newsletter

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

You can see our full newsletter HERE.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It is December! After 647328 months of 2020, we have finally come to the 12th month of the year. We have been doing a lot of reflection over the last year (as one does when one nears the end of the year). This year did not go to plan. We are sure most of you can relate. By December 2020, we were going to have had two more new writing productions and we would be applying for Ed Fringe 2021. None of these plans have happened and we haven't actually seen each other in person since March (March!!). But what we have gained is a real understanding and appreciation of how we work individually and how we work together. We embarked on this journey of a theatre company as great friends and this year we have found that we also work really well together. We are so excited for the creativity that has happened this year - even if it is not what we thought it would look like. We have had a chance to think about what we want to bring to the theatre space and how we want to support each other creatively. Time to think and reflect wasn't necessarily a top priority going into this year but it has proved invaluable. With that, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and we will see you in the New Year! Come on 2021! Much love, Steph and Charlotte


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