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August Spotlight: Benedetta Zanetti

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

About Benedetta

Benedetta Zanetti, usually known as “Benny”, is a Deaf actor coming from Northern Italy. She graduated in July 2021 from the BA Performance in BSL and English at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is now attending the MA Classical and Contemporary Text at

the RCS.

She loves writing poems and short movie scripts, along with dancing and running. She signs fluently BSL (British Sign Language) and is learning LIS (Italian Sign Language),

and speaks fluently Italian, English and some Spanish.

Her theatre credits include: Meet me in the Middle (Plug Festival,RCS), Where are you? (Theatre Sans Accents), The Dutch Courtesan (RCS), What do you see?-Short piece (The PappyShow), The Coat (RCS), The Assumption (Solar Bear/RCS) and Glory on Earth


Her TV credits include: Afterword (RCS short movie), Anger Management (RCS, short movie).

She also directed the short movie Outcast produced by the RCS and co-wrote the short movie Cold on Earth which was produced by the RCS too.

Instagram: @benny_zanetti

Twitter: @BenedettaZanet4

About the piece

"I wrote Remember Earth during our first global lockdown. I had just rushed back home to my parents in Italy and I remember how struck I had been by noticing how quiet and deserted my hometown was. I've always been incredibly sensitive to noise (funny, for a Deaf person!) and finally managing to sleep peacefully in my neighbourhood was a surprise to me. This was only the start of a series of reflections I made during that period when everything seemed lost and huge and difficult and yet, somehow, the planet seemed to be okay. Better now that we had stopped, even. I remember lifting my head to the sky one night when the weight of the situation seemed too heavy, and looking up at the stars I realised that Nature was still there. That we were still there. And the important thing was to be there for each other and to keep listening to our Mother Earth. Something we should do more nowadays, perhaps".


Remember Earth

by Benedetta Zanetti

“It will come and get you” said the first news

Few chose to listen that day

They watched the Tv and read the papers for a few moments

Then the baby cooed

The moka pot rumbled

The bus stopped

The laptop started

Dinner was served

And they turned away

It’s like the monster crawling under your bed in your childhood times

approaching on tiptoes,

But this time

No door squeaking

No stumping on the wooden floor

No shadow to be seen in the hallway

- ninja like paced

You’ll not see it coming

You will perhaps sense it in your hair rising

on the back of your neck

and it will grab you from behind.

So many people I’ve seen sinking into this terror

Hanging on media’s lips


Repeating that doom’s day has come

Like broken dolls

Desperately looking for a safe corner to run to and hide

Like children peeing on themselves when Dad is angry

Lost and frightened

Watching trees being slaughtered

Water springs getting sucked dry

Animals being mass-clumped inside the farms

Winters becoming summers

People multiple in the blink of an eye

And starting to wonder,

shockingly realising

That we’ve suddenly all risen and lowered at the same level.

“There’s nothing left to humanity” they weep

“We’ve lost our civilisation”

Now you can take a breath.

If you look there,

Where my finger is pointing just below the horizon

You will maybe see it

If you come closer;

Can you see what’s there, amongst the clouds?

No, it’s not the city lights.

It’s not a lighthouse, nor a factory LED or a plane signal.

Something is truly sparkling, alive

-up there.

I can see them.

Tiny, sometimes weaker, sometimes braver lights

- They look like they’re drowning in the sea

But they’re not: they’re floating.

Because they are what will be here beyond memory

Fueling all known and unknown life.

Those clouds are dark,

I know

Like an omen of future hostilities

But it’s not doom’s day,

When you see people playing ukuleles on their balconies,

A clown recording a story for his children at the hospital,

A bus driver suddenly realising how quiet a city can be,

Dolphins swimming closer and closer to long forgotten coasts,

Forests stretching and rediscovering their place,

Stars shining more than ever- it looks like

Then you know it.

Remember this is Earth,

The Old Lady they call her

The Brave Warrior

She pivots in a slow dance

Like a ship on a wave

A little bent

Without getting us seasick though

She won’t stop showing us how dark we can see around us

But how greener it actually is.

Perhaps this is something we could remember

That we are her humans.


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